domingo, 30 de octubre de 2011

Witness of a Robbery Attempt

I don't think I'll be writing this kind of entries very often, so here you have.

I walked downstairs from the apartment immersed in my thoughts this Saturday morning way to CITEDI (A research center), without forgetting to enjoy good metal music on my mp3 player. I was noticing reality (and my destiny) through images, pictures or photographs before my eyes.

Pic 1 [Left]: Vehicular traffic.

Pic 2 [Right]: A man (1) with some overwheight and shaven-head in an opened chest of a car.

Pic 3 [Left]: I see a woman on the other sidewalk, she didn't catch my attention.

Pic 4 [Right]: A second man (2), low height, brown skin, goes running at full speed flooding desperation in his face.

Surprised I think, Is it really important to arrive on time at some event he is attending so he's attempting to get the bus?

Pic 5 [Left]: Traffic, no bus is stopped or on the way.

Blimey! Why is he running so hurry then?

Pic 6 [A few meters away]: Man(1) and (2) fighting.

What a way of interact in his friendship!

Pic 7: - A close up - The same men knocking each other hardly.

Pictures take up life and now there were more pictures per second that my brain was processing. I realized that man(1) was trying to steal a woman's car...

Next scene: A lady carrying things points the man(1) telling me "Do something! He's stealing my car."

Obviously I was not in conditions because (a) I was carrying my net book with important information and (b) I do not usually commit aggression.

The thief runs and the other man(2) indecisive, delays in the persecution. I saw this one as a movie while I was walking in the same sidewalk without going away from my destiny.

Finally, when man (2) almost overtakes the thief, this one gets up to a car aided by a colleague and they run away. From my distance, I was not able to view the license plate number. From the other sidewalk I asked to the man(2) (still unrest) if he was able to watch the license plate number of that vehicle, but he gave me a negative response, obviously attributed to the flush and adrenaline of the moment. I struggled my shoulders and continued my road.

Along the walk I thought (and I believe is a good question for you to do):

To see a person with an opened chest attempting to steal your vehicle. What will you do if you were in that situation?

Share your possible reactions, I'll share mine.

Week's quote (I wish):
All governments die by the exaggeration of its principle. - Aristotle.

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