domingo, 26 de agosto de 2012

But now your head is a sandstorm

{Jorge}: and you still do not understand that other thing around you...

{Michelle}: Like what Jorge? It is not my head.

{Jorge}: Is it my head?

{Michelle}: I was just singing. In this moment I don't feel a storm in my head.

{Jorge}: I was just challenging a dual poetry.

{Michelle}: I have been losing those words.

{Jorge}: No Michelle.

{Michelle}: Because of the chaos it gives after leaving.

{Jorge}: And what would you feel if those words stopped to wither.

{Michelle}: I would feel what is to become in something I wouldn't. What if the rain is comming?

{Jorge}: To become for whom? or Why to become? Why not to just travel? But let it be to a place where you want to go! The rain may take what is erasable there, but fruits will grow from what is permanent.

{Michelle}: To travel is what I've wanted, I'll wait the rain to fall in this city; I know it will take away what must be taken away from your head, so we can go clean to present.

{Jorge}: And why not? to toast with a fruit punch by smiles and sips.

 Yatherine Morgan & Sir Metaphor. 

Current phrase:
"Love has ilimited forms but finite times." - Jorge L. Guzmán G.

*Have you read it from other source?

domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2011

Hoes does a friendship possibility raise?

Our relations with others raise in the classroom, in the gym, in the bar, in the nightclub and in places where we spent our live. But other friendships raise in uncommon places, in unusual circumstances or by "luck". Taking the topic from the casuality point of view, I'll start with the next definition:

Definition of CHAOS
obsolete : chasm, abyss
a often capitalized : a state of things in which chance is supreme; especially : the confused unorganized state of primordial matter before the creation of distinct forms — compare cosmos b : the inherent unpredictability in the behavior of a complex natural system (as the atmosphere, boiling water, or the beating heart)
a : a state of utter confusion b : a confused mass or mixture (a chaos of television antennas)

*From Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

- Hello! Don't tell me you are also known!?
- Yes, I was surprised when she/he told me about you. So I told him/her I also know you since "uuhh".
- What a little world is this!

A conversation that surely you are familiar with in some way. The thing is that friendships or relations between humans are as variant as unpredictable. Moreover, they depend from a wide spectrum of posibilities and decisions. For example:

- What's up "buddy"! Are you going to today's concert?
- Ah! I forgot. I don't have anyone who can give me a ride buddie, I'm going to look for someone to give me a ride.
- Well, someone is gonna give me a ride, but I going to find out what can I do, I'll call you in a moment.
- Ok!
- Son, Did you take the garbage outside? - Asks mom.
- I will, in a moment mom. I'm about to go, someone is going to pick me up.
- You can't go, you have a sanction to complete for arriving late last night.
- But I'm going to get in early.
- No.

As you can see, the number of possibilities in this situation is very wide. Supposing that night we can meet a person and raise a friendship, which facts in present time are needed for this to accomplish? For shortness we will write (1) The friend call, (2) The friend can get a ride for his friend (3) Get the permissión of the mother or escape. Now, if we want condition (2) to get successful, this time it depends of (2a) Number of people in the car, (2b) Gas/money available (2c) Frienship between person who drives and the friend. (2d)... and so on.

So, for a friendship to rise between "the buddie" and person in the concert it is required a number of possibilities to accomplish. And this possibilities are dependent from other dependent and independent variables.

This is what happens with any other decision in the action of meeting someone, which school to attend? which time attending to the event? Do I help or not? Am I dancing with her/him or not? Do I go today or tomorrow? and all kind of things from economy and sociology to biology and mathematics. This turns in more complexity when we start to think the possibilities in the past also. Then we can tell "if I hadn't done so" there will be more probability I meet somebody. And don't forget the future "if this friendship haven't existed, maybe I/he/she wouldn't meet somebody and...".

A friendship can raise by an own decision, an specific circumstance, by and impulse, for other's person reaction, by a common interest, by the friend's friend's friend... etc. All this lead us to tell that human relations are highly chaotic. Here I take a fragment from Wikipedia (in spanish version):

"Chaos is the complexity of suppossed casuality in the relation between events (eventuality) without a lineal trace being observed that relates cause and effect; instead of that a complex calculation..."

In conclusion, a possibility of a friendship can rise from any thing. There are who start thinking in the diversity of facts that can be related but there are others who take the shortcut of god - I call it - as the "all happens for something" or "thank god". But I think I'm free of a predefined destiny as the decisions I take.

Come on! I dare you to question, armire, destroy or agree my note.

Phrase of the week:
"Those who can chance your thoughts, can chance their destiny" -Stephen Crane.

domingo, 30 de octubre de 2011

Witness of a Robbery Attempt

I don't think I'll be writing this kind of entries very often, so here you have.

I walked downstairs from the apartment immersed in my thoughts this Saturday morning way to CITEDI (A research center), without forgetting to enjoy good metal music on my mp3 player. I was noticing reality (and my destiny) through images, pictures or photographs before my eyes.

Pic 1 [Left]: Vehicular traffic.

Pic 2 [Right]: A man (1) with some overwheight and shaven-head in an opened chest of a car.

Pic 3 [Left]: I see a woman on the other sidewalk, she didn't catch my attention.

Pic 4 [Right]: A second man (2), low height, brown skin, goes running at full speed flooding desperation in his face.

Surprised I think, Is it really important to arrive on time at some event he is attending so he's attempting to get the bus?

Pic 5 [Left]: Traffic, no bus is stopped or on the way.

Blimey! Why is he running so hurry then?

Pic 6 [A few meters away]: Man(1) and (2) fighting.

What a way of interact in his friendship!

Pic 7: - A close up - The same men knocking each other hardly.

Pictures take up life and now there were more pictures per second that my brain was processing. I realized that man(1) was trying to steal a woman's car...

Next scene: A lady carrying things points the man(1) telling me "Do something! He's stealing my car."

Obviously I was not in conditions because (a) I was carrying my net book with important information and (b) I do not usually commit aggression.

The thief runs and the other man(2) indecisive, delays in the persecution. I saw this one as a movie while I was walking in the same sidewalk without going away from my destiny.

Finally, when man (2) almost overtakes the thief, this one gets up to a car aided by a colleague and they run away. From my distance, I was not able to view the license plate number. From the other sidewalk I asked to the man(2) (still unrest) if he was able to watch the license plate number of that vehicle, but he gave me a negative response, obviously attributed to the flush and adrenaline of the moment. I struggled my shoulders and continued my road.

Along the walk I thought (and I believe is a good question for you to do):

To see a person with an opened chest attempting to steal your vehicle. What will you do if you were in that situation?

Share your possible reactions, I'll share mine.

Week's quote (I wish):
All governments die by the exaggeration of its principle. - Aristotle.